Brett – My wife and I saw you at Go Bananas Friday night. There was a total bitch in the audience that you had zeroed in on and I have to say, watching you diffuse a potentially disastrous situation when she thought you called her a hooker was just pure genius. Love the Zany Report!
Kevin Kelly – I love listening to you on Bob and Tom, I look forward to seeing you and Chick on the Telethon! I didn't know if you knew-Janet had to close the Funny Bone through no fault of her own (shady partner), Janet is a class act and we are going to miss the club!!
Joel – Good show in Beaumont Texas, quite possibly the funniest act on the bill along with Patty Vasquez and of course, Donnie Baker.
Rex – Bob, I caught the part of the McDonald's joke about the Minute Men being happy about them being caught. I guess it went over SOME people's heads, but I thought it was pretty funny! Keep up the good work :)
Matt – Gee Bob... Texas in August? Are you nuts? Forget that last question. Good luck Matt
Chris – I thought you were older. Anyways, if you lay off the being famous with Matt Damon in Hollywood for a bit and come fishing with me in Toledo I'll buy a bunch of your bobbers. If you make Bob and Tom apologize for being jerks to you they can come too.
Mike Maza – Hey Bob- Theoretically, if you date an oriental girl and break up with her, are you dis-oriented? Bay-bee!!
Patrick – Bob, thanks for a great show! You and the other comedians were great!!! Hope to see you all back again next year.
Sam Kowal – You're awesome Zany! I've been listening to you for years on Bob and Tom, and I just found out the other day that you have a comedy outlet less than 20 minutes from me in Morro Bay and at the Spyglass in Shell Beach! What a small world! Keep up the good work!
Nanci – I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are being by donating money to the animals that were lost in the floods in Iowa. I live in WI now but am from Iowa and lived in Cedar Rapids and have 3 dogs and anyone who cares enough like you do to help them out is ok with me BABEE!!!! Thanks so much Bob for thinking of Iowa, it means a lot.
Jeremy Wilken – I listen to you every week! Love ya Bob! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing you in Alton!
Amy Skidmore – Thank you SO much for giving Battle Creek a lot of great laughs. My husband and I were virgins to your show, and enjoyed every minute of it. We will be sure to see you again when you return. Thanks Bay-bee! Scott & Amy
Ricker – Your new shirts [golf are perfect] but size selection sucks. All your others have small and med selections but not these. I cannot wear a t shirt to work, but the collar makes it perfect. Why no choice??? Have your CD's and pink shirt that awarded to me because salmon is my second favorite meat. Thanks Bob for all your best and will be sending bing some stuff, please give him my best. We’ll see if we can do something ‘bout that.
Vanessa Norden – Boy they were hard on you today about the bobbers and all. I did have an idea to sell these bobbers though. What about Bob Zany fishing for Laughs?
Brendan MacDonald – Hey, just heard you on Bob and Tom good stuff. Might sound weird but I was wondering if your brother was still in the limo business as he is the one who introduced me to your work, haven’t talked to him in a long time. Good luck with your career...
Todd – You were so funny on the Rodney Dangerfield show. Date: Small Edible Fruit. You were so funny. Is that really your name? No, it's Big Dick McGee. You were the best on the show. Easy Skipper. It was an old show I saw you on BAY-BEE! Do you speak English? Ci. Keep up the great comedic work.
Kevin Griffith – I had a great time at the comedy show but have to admit my girlfriend and I liked you the best. I also bought one of your packets with CD's, bumper stickers, etc. I imagine I have looked odd to some of the other drivers busting out in laughter and being the only one in the car. I hope to see your show again when you get out this way but will listen to the Bob Zany report Tuesday mornings until then. Thanks for all the laughs, Bay-bee!!!!
Dan Miller – You suck so bad I make it a habit of turning Bob and Tom OFF for your segment on Tuesday. I hear Wal-Mart is still hiring mop bucket boys...You would be perfect for that...Since Comedy hates you so much!
Nathan Allen – I know this message could have arrived sooner, but I just wanted to say great job in Cedar Rapids IA at Penguins a couple years ago (2003, I think). Absolutely hilarious. Have they fixed the urinals yet? On a grateful note, you're an inspiration - I'm a young entertainer, and I really appreciate that you took the time to shake my hand and say hello. On a bitter note, the first of the many cigars I've smoked was that one in your damn "fun pack."
Rick Sprague – Bobbo, saw Don at the St. Patty’s Day parade, my son is 18 now so I can’t wait to bring him to see you when you come back to Houston, by the way, what’s in your wallet? Take care, Ricko
Bill and Debbie – We’ve seen a lot of comedians and you are hands down the funniest we have ever seen tell Bob and Tom to quit picking on you. Thanks for the laughs.
Mindy – Hey... Zany how about an up date on fix the joke bay-bee! Thanks, been looking for a new up date a while now. I really want that t-shrit lol.

September 9th – All new Zany Reports Bay-Bee!
Mel Duprey – I saw you in Fort Pierce, on the Bob and Tom tour. Bob you brought the house down. You had the best set of everyone there. You are absolutely on the top of your game. I hope you return soon.
Leif Olandese – Bob loved your act. So refreshing not to get another redneck comic. Break a leg on the rest of your tour!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!
Jeff – I hear you every week, doing the "Zany Report", and every week (even when Bob is not there) they always seem to insult you. They withhold laughs, when it really was funny. So I propose a new T-shirt for your line, for those of us who actually get it. It is more along the lines of a Rodney Dangerfield, and should read in big bold letters, "I'M SORRY!" Then under that it should say, "I think Bob Zany is Funny!" Just for laughs, have Chick wear one during the "Zany Report". You are awesome! By the way, my shirt size is 2XL. Your friend, Jeff :o)
Franklin Haugland – Dear Bob saw you on Saturday night, March 29th at Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood, Iowa. It was absolutely, the best show I’ve ever seen. You definitely brought the house down. I’ve been a long time fan of yours listening to you on Bob and Tom, as well as seeing you on Comedy Central, but your best work as far as I’m concerned is on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Keep up the good work that you do and I’m really looking forward to the next time you're back in the north Iowa area. Until then, see ya "bay-bee".
Dean – When I was a kid back around 1991, I saw you on HBO, Rodney Dangerfield's Really Big Show. You were the funniest comic of them all on that show. You're also the only comic's name I remember because you were so funny. I was just thinking to myself, "I wonder what happened to Bob Zany". It's good to see you're still active. Okay Sparky!
Vanessa Foresta – You are just awesome BAYBEE!!! My boyfriend and I laughed sooo hard was a nice change from looking at all the booby shows ....not that my boyfriend minds that :) haha ....but thanks for a great time and you can always come find your love in good ole Fresno :) Come see us next time!!!!
Spanky Hadley – I just wanted to thank you for being so funny. I've seen you many times live and every single time you've received a standing ovation!! Well-done! Just a couple of questions, though.? Aren't standing O's supposed to be at the END of the act??? Also, don't people usually wait for an encore before they leave?? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!
Jason – Bob- I saw your show in Alton the other night. It was the first comedy show I have been to and it was great. Keep up the good work.
Brian – I was listening to Bob & Tom and Christy took a shot at you...I know that you guys have a friendly (yet hurtful) banter and that none if it is taken too seriously but, I wanted to give you some positive feedback. I look forward to the Zany report and I get a good laugh every week. Thanks for your effort, I really enjoy you. A fan.
Michael S. O'Neal – I want you to post the joke you told on Bob & Tom in late summer of 2007; the joke about the duct tape robber. I CAN FIX IT! You are super funny and all the haters can go jump in a cesspool...
David black – We had a blast! I didn't get a chance to thank you personally. I did write an essay for the local paper. It should appear in the Community Blog section of the Alton Telegraph. I'm sure you don't recall all the folks at your shows - but on the off-chance, I was the unemployed, mountain-man, writer guy. Thanks for the laughs, and thanks for including me in the show. Long live "The Zany Report!"
Rebecca Berenson-Carmona – BOB ZANY! I haven’t seen you in years although my husband and I frequent the Hollywood Improv. You played @ my Dad, Adam's club frequently when I was growing up (the Laff Stop and Comedy Express). I would love to know when you play locally. Is that still something you do? hope you are wonderful!

Bob plays at the IceHouse in LA frequently – keep checking the calendar!
Dwight Pruitt – Bob, I caught your show at Crackers last Saturday, and you were a real pro. We'll catch you again next time you're in Indy.
Gen – Very Funny Man! Love the New Merchandise, Just wish you have Girly T-Shirts!!! Keep up the good work making us laugh!!!
Lynda MacDonald – Just wanted to let you know you were the highlight of my Saturday night, you are one great host and very funny guy, Thanks Again everybody was great but your the best!!! I was the first I Dream of Jeannie chick that got a DVD from WFAT. Thanks Bob
Tom and Dee – Saw you at the MC Limits club last night and am sore today from laughing. Thanks for taking time to sign Dee's shirt, posing for pictures and visiting. Will be sure to see you again.
Tim Tipon – We've seen you twice at Wiley's in Dayton and you're our favorite live comedian. The dead ones just aren't that funny. When are you coming to Wiley's again Bob?
Gary – Hey Bob - thanks for the laughs during the Toledo show. Enjoyed sitting in the front row and being the "Lucky Winner". Thanks for the CDs and t-shirt! Keep in touch... Toledo enjoyed you!
Tony – You are hilarious, but when are you coming back to New Jersey?
Eric Askew – What’s up Bob? My wife and I went to the Bob and Tom all star show in Fresno. I thought maybe you could add my own experience at Wal-Mart in your act. We go camping each year with our family. I got tired of chopping wood the old fashioned way, so I thought a chainsaw would be better. In the store, I garbed the saw and new I needed a gas can. The dog needed food and I was thirsty. I was standing in line, looked in the cart and wondered how this looked to the casher. A six pack, dog food, gas can, and a chainsaw. This guy is in for one interesting night.
John and Donna Lavigne – Dear Bob, Hi Bay Beeee!!! Saw you live at Fantasy Springs in Indio Ca. Friday night. I was with Jesus who runs the "Shit Hole" grocery store here in town the last seven years because its not who you know, it's who you blow, remember? Damn dude, you are funny. We laughed a lot, and being a part of your show was the icing on our cupcakes!! We like your CD, we like your work very much. Hope to see you again.
Mark Martino – Thanks for a great New Year kickoff! You said I was "a good laugher" but I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard I was exhausted the next day. After a very rough year of trying to sell my screenplays and then having to back off because of the WGA strike, your performance was a welcome respite. Leisure Suit Larry would love you.

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