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Bob Zany's Goodwill Tour Bob Zany's
Goodwill Tour

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2018 Dates
and Venues

Feb. 10
Valentine's Comedy Show
Union, MO
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Feb. 15-18
Liquid Lounge
Boise, ID
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Feb. 22-23
Laugh Factory
Long Beach, CA
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Feb. 24
Laugh Factory
Hollywood, CA
click here
Feb. 27-Mar. 4
Laugh Factory at Silver Legacy
Reno, NV
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Mar. 9
The Main Event
Mason City, IA
Mar. 10
Diamond Jo Casino
Dubuque, IA
click here
Mar. 11
Whiskey House
Ankeny, IA
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Mar. 15
The Sports Garden
with Jimmy Walker
Duluth, MN
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Mar. 17
Corporate Show
Minneapolis, MN
Mar. 21
Corporate Show
Emmetsburg, IA
Mar. 31
The Ice House
Pasadena, CA
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Apr. 6
Grand Pointe Conference Center
with Drew Hastings
Vienna, WV
Apr. 13-14
City of Antigo Comedy Event
with Tim Cavanagh
Antigo, WI
Apr. 20
Giggles at Glen Tavern
with Eric O'Connor
Santa Paula, CA
May 16
Ho Chunk Casino
Wisconsin Dells
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May 24-26
Richland, WA
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July 16-22
Brad Garrett's at MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV
click here
July 25-29
The Improv at Harvey's
Lake Tahoe, NV
click here
Aug. 3-4
The Nugget
Carson City, NV
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For information: 818-342-9458

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